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Burning Man

These are photos from my suite of murals created for Burning Man 2014, "Crossroads of Curiosity". The pieces were based on collages made from 19th Century Book Illustrations derived from the collection of the British Library. The collages were printed feintly on polypropylene film and then painted over with acrylic paints at a scale of 3' x 8', and were made as lightpanels using LED edge lighting, so that the original paintings actually glow. These original paintings were scanned and then printed at a scale of 8' x 20' and mounted on 1/2" thick plexiglas in redwood frames. These pieces, weighing over 700 lbs were constructed on a flatbed trailer, hauled to the Black Rock Desert, and then set up around the base of the effigy of the Burning Man where they comprised essential theme art for the Caravansary them of Burning Man 2014.

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