Crossroads of Curiosity was made possible by the teamwork of many.  


Paintings and Concept

created by:

David Normal


Design and Engineering:

Max Hunter, Erik Kneer, and Andrew Spalding.


Construction and Fabrication:

Max Hunter, Andrew Spalding, Blazej Mikulicz, Robbie Schneider, Kris Peterson, Rich Szpigiel, Filomena Barberio, April Lelia, and Stefan Bouchareb.


British Library Team:

Mahendra Mahey, Richard Warren, and Claire Robe.

Duilio Marconi, Max Hunter, Fabio Affuso,

and Filomena Barberio

Special Thanks:

Larry Harvey and Roly Keating


Crossroads of Curiosity Installation at the British Library was made possible by the generous support of: 

Friends of the British Library, Eccles Centre for American Studies, Burning Man Global Arts Grants Program, and private donations from Kathrynand Lewis Shepherd, and Michael Sertic.

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