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Meaning:  "In the style of forethought".  Derived from the words "Purgatory", "Percolate", "Cognition" and "Grotesque".

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Purcogitoresque is perhaps the most personal of the Crossroads series.  David Normal personally identifies with the characters in the painting - particularly the artist, a Prince Myshkin like figure, who is seeking for his salvation through his own work.  However, the figure of the Sultan who is simulataneously sacred and profane also appeals directly to the artist's own sensibilities since he finds beauty in the paradoxes and contradictions of human nature.  The two dandies reaching out to a jellyfish as though hailing a cab represent Normal's own predilection for fashion and style, seemingly a pedestrian concern, while being preoccupied with truly otherworldly matters that transcend not only the latest trends, but the very fabric of space and time.

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