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David Normal:


Here is a Mummy being born away by crusaders.  Unwittingly they are upholding traditions of magic.  Knights Templar marching off the canvas with their rare magical treasure which they will never fully understand, though its dust and its mysteries will slowly erode their Christian civilization.  Actually, they are mistaken - it is not a mummy at all!  It is a soap carving of a mummy - made from soap bars of "Lifebuoy" soap, and they have been duped, however crowds of schoolchildren in lofty museum halls will never be the wiser.


Image taken from page 71 of 'Auf biblischen Pfaden. Reisebilder aus Aegypten, Palästina, Syrien, Kleinasien, Griechenland und der Türkei. [With maps and illustrations.]' Collection of the British Library.

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