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The above illustration depicting a Roman bath, has become the setting for Ostrischizocracy.  I couldn't tell you why, but Roman baths are the predominant setting of the Crossroads of Curiosity.  Not only here, but in Conflamingulation the action takes place in a Roman bath.  In the process of rendering these collages images to paint, I took great liberties with the Roman decorations.  The wall paintings i lampooned with images of faeries dancing,  space aliens sneaking around, among many other things.  In Ostrischizocracy mutated the statues so that what appears to be some Madonna with child, now bears a cyclopic freak, another chokes a chicken, and all are grotesque.  Vestra frui balneum !




Image taken from page 119 of '[Italian Pictures, drawn with pen and pencil. [By S. M.].]' Collection of the British Library.

View illustration on British Library's Flickr Photostream


More Information on BL Collections and the Crossroads of Curiosity Event can be found by clicking here

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